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Screw Conveyor

Provide an efficient method of handling bulk materials easily & efficiently. Adapted to suit different application such as conveying, and metering feed for various type of material. Wide range of sizes & body configurations can be supplied either as an assembled unit or in kit form.
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Helicoid Flights

Helicoid flights are formed from a flat bar into a continuous helix of desired diameters, pitch & thickness. Used as shaft-less screw conveyor, screw conveyor flighting & feeder. Sectional Flights are formed from a flat disc and most often used for heavy duty applications.
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Belt Conveyor

Commonly used for package handling or transportation of solids material in various belt widths & frame design. The conveyor is built from standard components and available in horizontal, incline; flat or trough belt configuration.
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Bucket Elevator

Most simple, efficient & reliable equipment for elevating high capacity of bulk solids in various industries. Offered the range with modular system of components to allow the flexibility for extension or relocation of equipment. Variety of design, material construction & capacity sizes.
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Ribbon Mixer

Ribbon Mixer; commonly used throughout the various industries for general powder & dry solids mixing. The rolled & formed agitator consists of outer & inner ribbon lends itself to produce a homogeneous mixing.
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Paddle Mixer

Paddle Mixer; consist numbers of plough-type blades attached to the agitator shaft that is rotating rapidly, to produce quicker mixing & de-lumping capabilities. Handle a wide range of products, from fine flowing powders through to liquid addition powders.
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Lump Crusher

A versatile & economical machine for braking up friable caked materials in lump crushing & size reduction applications. Operate at low RPM to reduce noise, dust & provides a uniform saving of most material. The blades can be configured to suit the individual application.
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Magnetic Separator

Offer wide range of separation solution and equipments for various applications to remove ferrous contaminants from wide range of process line such dry particular, liquids & slurries. This including the monitor free-flowing gravity- fed product, conveyed materials on conveyor belts or liquid pipes.
The main advantages of equipment are to improve product purity & reduce or eliminate damage to machinery.
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Sieve Separator

A Vibratory or Gyratory screening device that vibrates about its center of mass; to separate the different particle sizes of solids products from liquids or segregate dry materials. The smaller particles size as fine as 400 mesh can be screened, with up to 4 screen decks incorporated in one unit of sieve separator.
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Bin Activator

Used as a vibrating discharger to unload difficult materials; flour, powdered milk, sticky powder etc from material storage silos, through the controlled used of vibration. Such vibration is to eliminate outlet blocking, overcome the product response angle & ensuring an even flow of material on a mass-flow basic.
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Volumetric & Gravimetric Feeder

Accurately metering & feeding system uses a metering auger running at a constant speed to discharge powder material from a modular hopper at a consistent rate, an agitation device above the auger will de-aerates to ensure an even bulk density & maintain the material flow rate.
Volumetric Feeder; product flow rate is by volume & set over a given time. Gravimetric Feeder; product flow rate is controlled by weight with using loadcell & controller system.
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Bag Dump Station

Designed to safety & hygienically unload bags of dry ingredients into process systems. Can be integrated to fit most downstream equipment such as pneumatic conveying line, screw conveyor, mixer etc. Features included an easy clean hopper with removable safety mesh, hinged access door, flow control devices, dust outlet spigot, cartridge replacement & air purging system.
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Storage Silo and Hopper

Hoppers, Bins and Silos are used to store bulk materials. These bulk material storage vessels are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials of construction. Proper selection of a silo, bin, or hopper requires evaluation of many factors, and in cases where basic material characteristics have been ignored, undesired consequences such as structural failures, caked or segregated material, and erratic discharge have resulted.
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PLC & SCADA Control System

Process control – it’s fundamental to every manufacturing system. More than that, you need precise control, with accurate and faultless data put to work running your production line. Auto Control Systems gives you this control, whether it’s stopping a process line with sub-millimeter accuracy, batching fluids or stacking products, we tirelessly produce systems that perform for your business.