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Rotary Valves

Rotary valve are widely used as discharge valve for discharging variety of solids or powders materials from silos, cyclones, dust collector in every field of industry. They are used as metering valves for the material storage silos & as feeder in the pneumatic conveying system. Available in cast iron, aluminium, stainless steel or fabricated.
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Fabricated Slide Valve

Simple, robustly constructed flow control valve designed for gravity feed control operation. Available in mild steel or stainless steel; manual or pneumatic actuator operation option. Various sizes to suit the individual requirement.
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Butterfly Dampers

Low cost high quality to provide a dust-tight seal, use in solids handling & low pressure air ducts.
Equipped with an extremely thin disc to eliminate material hold-ups. Wide range of sizes, body configurations & actuator options.
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Gravity Diverter Valves

Designed and fabricated in 2-Way or 3-Way gravity discharge configurations. Available in either manual or pneumatic actuator. Flexibility in sizes, angle and material of construction to meet the special needs.
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Pneumatic Conveying Diverter Valve

Designed to transfer & re-route solids material for pneumatic conveying line with minimal pressure drop and high sealing efficiencies. Construction material can be either casting or fabricated with manual or automatic operation.
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Butterfly Valve

A control device with wide range of sizes, material and actuator options; typically used to regulate a fluid and also bulk material flowing; thru it’s circular disk in close or open position by the actuator on the outside of the valve.
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Double Flap Valves

To discharge material from a cyclone or dust collection hopper. The valve consists of a robust fabricated body incorporating two counter balanced sealing doors which are operated by a motorized or pneumatic actuator system.
Each door is alternately opened by the lever system and this ensures minimal air leakage through the valve. Double Flap Valves have a high sealing efficiency when handling abrasive products which would cause rapid wear in Rotary Valves.
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Slide Gate Valve

Dust-tight, totally enclosed valves are constructed by casting body with steel slide plate. Designed to reliable shut-off and regulation of material flow, excellently suited for solids & liquids. Available in manual or pneumatic actuator operation.