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FIBC is defined as an Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container, also called as Bulk Bag or Big Bag or Super Sack having a body made of flexible fabric, which provide an effective method of packaging, shipping and storing dry bulk products. It offers hundreds of dry bulk products an advantage edge by designed to various industries specific needs.

The following are some of industries which typically use FIBC:- FIBC Image 02

FIBC is most often made of thick woven polyethylene or polypropylene and normally measures around 90 x 90 cm and varies in height from 90 cm up to 200 cm. It's capacity is normally around 700kg to 1000 kg (depending on product density) but the larger units can store even more. Transporting and loading is done on either pallets or by lifting it in loops. Bags are made with either one loop or four lifting loops. The single loop bag is suitable for one man operation as there is no need for a second man to put the loops on the loader hook. The handling devices allowed the container to be filled from the top and discharged from the bottom.

The FIBC offers various advantage features; it can be folded flat and bailed for shipment to the user. The weight of a bulk bag used to ship one metric ton of product weighs 2 – 3 kg, offering a low package: product weight ratio. The cost of FIBC is competitive with other forms of packaging as it is usually utilized without pallets. They are easy to store and handle in warehouses with standard equipment. When shipping by boat the FIBCs are gang-loaded with up to 14 bulk bags on a spreader bar, and are shipped as break bulk.

FIBCs generally are manufactured to meet specific requirements of the container users. The height of the container, the diameter and length of the spouts, coated or uncoated fabric, and whether a polypropylene liner is necessary will be specified according to the type of product that will be packed or shipped.

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BAFE’s FIBC Machinery & System

BAFE specialize in design, fabricated, installation and commissioning of various FIBC machinery and system; which enable to suit various clients’ requirements on specific dry bulk product characteristics and process handling needs.

BAFE’s range of standard units allows user to add the optional modules to meet the filling & discharging system with FIBC bag design to eliminate dust emissions & product contamination.

FIBC Filling Machine

BAFE offers the FIBC Filling Machinery & System are designed to provide maximum ingredient densification and precise weighing; with operation principle of bag hanging, bag stretching, weighing & vibration as they fill. Such system gives good compaction of product, good accuracy and result in stable filled FIBC which are safe & economical to store & transportation. The machine & system can be tailored make to handle variable material characteristic, bag construction, filling capacity and client’s individual requirements.

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FIBC Discharging Machine

BAFE offers the FIBC Discharging Machinery & System to cope with variable material characteristics, bag sizes & site environments. The machine range provides a safe, efficient & dust free handling methods to protect the environment and machine operator. The optional modules can be added to meet FIBC bag design to eliminate dust emissions & product contamination. BAFE is able to extend from simple basic system to loss-in-weight discharging system with a sophisticated electronic weighing controller.

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