About Our Company


Bulk And Fluid Engineering Sdn Bhd (BAFE) was established in 2004. It is a fast growing Malaysia based company to provide Plant Engineering, System Integration and Industry LoT Solutions for various process industrial plants. The solutions provided including bulk material handling, fluids process engineering and plant automation for virtually every industrial environment.

Today, BAFE’s business growth is stronger than ever. The company has progressed and dedicates to serve the client’s with tailor-made equipment & complete system to suit the process plant & manufacturing application requirement. We provide design, fabrication, installation and commission recognized innovate technological approaches to fulfill various industrial application needs.

Since its inception, BAFE has worked closely with the customers and continue the tradition of high customer satisfaction. At BAFE, we recognize the importance of each and every piece of the equipment, as it brings impact to the whole process system. Our long-standing experience in each equipment & plant engineering’s design, development and implementation is able to fit a variety of industry requirements.

BAFE is about people, know-how, dependability, technical expertise and provide solutions to every customer’s unique needs. From a single piece of custom-engineered equipment to a complete integrated plant set-up, BAFE has always offer a combination of experience and expertise for the best in efficient-solution, quality, availability & cost effective.


For companies (especially factories) looking for Industry IoT Integration System. Offering
step-by-step solutions for companies that are ready to implement IR 4.0 in their factories.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Industry LoT

Plant Automation and System Integration

Conveyor System, Packing Solution, Robotic Palletizing

FIBC System, Bulk Bag Discharger, Filling Machinery

Bulk Material Handling & Process Engineering


To strengthen our business grown; we are supported by few well-known experienced principals & manufacturers who have been in the industries for decades. We are able to provide sales solution, application, engineering, integration system, wide range of engineering components and after sales service to various industries.