FIBC Filling Machine

BAFE FIBC Filling System is used for filling by pre-set weight and provide high volume filling with special design for maximum material deaeration

  • Cost Effective

    One of the cheapest systems for packaging, bringing a significant cost saving

  • Time Saving

    Specialized design and techniques adapted to this specific kind of packaging, filling, and emptying can be done relatively quickly.

  • Flexibles

    Different types of tops, bottoms, materials and shapes give you control over your bags’ applications. 

  • Compact

    It saves usable storage space in warehouse as it is stackable and barely has a volume of its own.

  • Optimizes Handing and Transport. 

    With the integrated elevation loops, the use of external transport or handling device, and pallets or other type of loading unit can be avoided.

  • Eco Friendly

    FIBCs are reusable and in most cases, its raw material is recyclable.

System Features

FIBC Discharger with
25Kg Bag Dump

When discharging FIBCs the following problems can be encountered:


FIBC Discharger is a stand-alone system that provides a convenient, safe, and dust-free method for handling and discharging bulk material


Widely used in chemicals, minerals, food products, agricultural products, fertilizers, plastics, cement and etc. in fine dust, powder, granular, or flake form

Cleaner Working Environment

Significantly Reduced Dust Emissions

Improved Operator Efficiency

Speial Design to meet Specific Requirements

Complete System with Additional Equipment

BAFE’s FIBC Discharger is able to extend from simple basic system to loss in-weight discharging system with a sophisticated electronic weighing controller.